Tear gas, fake tickets and lawlessness from the police. 36 minutes that pushed Liverpool to Champions League defeat


36 minutes of delay is almost a full half. The biological clock exists, the organisms of the players perceived the second half as overtime. It is not surprising that the pace was not enough. Liverpool went out of their way – delivered 4 accurate shots after the break, and Real Madrid kept the shot on the defensive, but managed to convert the only well-aimed shot in the match report. The Spaniards did not go to the stadium with fake tickets, and the massive attempts of the British to cheat harmed their club. Wanna bet live UG? Visit 22Bet. 

Benzema was collected, although he was also a little worried. But Karim’s trademark passes, when the foot barely moves, proved that the Frenchman was in control. But Salah’s strokes in the style of the FNL – predictable and criminally slow, reminded that characteristic ones win in football. When Liverpool turned out to be morally stronger in Istanbul, surviving under the pressure of the first half, even Ancelotti’s great phlegmatic Milan trembled.

Cunning Dudek fate allowed to go two meters out of the gate before the kick to repel Pirlo’s attempt in the penalty shootout. Now Jerzy would have been shown a yellow card, and Andrea would have been given a chance to take a penalty in the series. And he would have scored, because before the 2006 World Cup final in a year, the midfielder will sleep until lunch, then play on the console, and then come out and score in the series. Liverpool lost their temper yesterday and Vinicius made the difference with a great pass from Valverde.

Real Madrid players joke among themselves that Perez sold his soul to the devil so that his favorite team would combine class, luck and will. A killer combination, which is why Real Madrid has 14 European Cups, and the second-ever AC Milan has half as many. Liverpool lost to the great elements, and Klopp can only joke that since the next final is in Istanbul, the fans can already book tickets.

Jürgen knows that one can and should take revenge on fate. But his guys sat out on the bus and in the locker room, burned out. Alexander-Arnold looked at the world yesterday through the eyes of a Manchester City player, not the guy who took that same corner with Barcelona. The result of the transformation was not surprising. Courtois is the hero of the final and of the season, but Real Madrid’s defense created clear chances. Any accurate strike by Salah and the characteristic “Real” could swim. Not only the strong-willed Spanish team won, but the unsaid English team also lost.

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Tear gas, fake tickets and lawlessness from the police. 36 minutes that pushed Liverpool to Champions League defeat
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