5 Amazing Sex Tips From Experienced Female Escorts


You will rarely come across someone who’s not interested in sex. However, only a few people know how to have maximum fun while having sex. This leads to the question: who can give you the best sex tips and help you perk up your sex life? The simplest answer to this question will be, experienced escorts. 

An experienced escort has all kinds of sexual encounters with people having different needs and fetishes. So, they know what feels best when it comes to sex. They are also the best people to guide you about the don’ts that can make sexual encounters unpleasant. 

The section below includes some amazing tips from women who have been working as escorts for several years. This makes the write-up a must-read, particularly for men who are dying to spend some great time with an escort.

  1. Know How to Use Role Play to Make Sexual Encounters More Exciting 

You may be having sex with your long-term partner or a listcrawler, role-playing is a great way to make the event more exciting. However, the fun you can have when engaging in role-playing with an escort is always much more than what you can have with your regular partner. 

According to most female escorts, role-playing is not always about feeling fake and being corny or cheesy. You can have great fun also by putting on some makeup for feeling extra glamorous. A regular woman often fails to understand this and ends up doing too much. It becomes repulsive for the man instead of causing arousal. 

  1. Dirty Talks Can Be Truly Arousing 

Talk to any female escort, and she will tell you how even the most unpleasant sexual encounters can become fun with dirty talking. Inexperienced women (women who have only had sex with one or two men) feel that uttering a few bad words is dirty talking. However, the real meaning of dirty talk is expressing the exact sexual desires you have. 

You must know that everyone has dirty sexual desires. So, expressing those exact needs in words will automatically result in real dirty talks. What’s more, those words will also not make you and your partner feel fake. 

  1. You Should Never feel Embarrassed to Use Lube 

When it’s about sexual encounters between a husband and a wife, the parties involved are surrounded by innumerable myths. Escorts, particularly the ones who are experienced, are more scientific in their approach. They never shy away from trying things just because there’s a myth surrounding it. 

One common myth suggests that lube is a crutch that people lean on when they don’t know the exact way to have fun during sex. There cannot be a worse sex myth than this. Using a lube when having sex can be beneficial. It prevents excessive friction. Indeed, some friction during sexual intercourse is pleasurable. However, a lot of it can result in a burning sensation in different parts of your body. 

Using lube is particularly important for men and women who love their sex to be vigorous and wild. And be confident that you can use as much as you want and the amount of lube you use has nothing to do with your sexual expertise. 

  1. Hygiene and Safety Are Always Crucial 

You want to have exciting sexual encounters with an escort. However, you are not interested in maintaining hygiene. You don’t shave regularly or have problems with having nicely cut fingernails and toenails. With those habits, you will have a tough time impressing the hot woman you have just met on your favorite escort service website. They might get ready to have sex with you but will lack the zeal to experiment. 

You should also ensure safety for you and the hot lady you are looking to sleep with. It makes wearing a condom a must every time you have sex with an escort. 

  1. Never Talk about Money When Having Sex 

Indeed, you need to pay when having sex with an escort. However, you should never talk about money when having sex. The ideal time to talk about money would be when chatting with a woman online. Even during chats, you shouldn’t use the term “money”. Instead, call it a gift. 

Final Words 

If you want to meet escorts who know how to do it and what it takes to make sexual intercourse more pleasurable, visit Ladys.one. The site has escorts of all kinds listed for you. 

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5 Amazing Sex Tips From Experienced Female Escorts
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