Telegram uses in Business: How to Use Messenger Tools

Telegram uses in Business: How to Use Messenger Tools

Telegram is a popular messaging app that is used by 52% of the Russian internet audience and 500 million people around the world every month. Telegram is the second most popular messenger after WhatsApp, but it is quickly catching up to its competitor. In October 2022, Telegram grow by seventy million users per day according to  WhatsApp and Facebook outages. In the same way, Telegram became the most popular app in 50 regions of Russia.

Speed, simplicity, and security are not only advantages that regular users consider when using a messenger, but businesses find Telegram to be convenient and profitable as well. Its functionality meets the needs of many companies, it’s free to use, and it offers features such as a corporate messenger, cloud storage, and a tool for communication with customers. In this piece, you will learn how you can use Telegram for business purposes.

What is Telegram

Telegram is a free cloud-based messenger app developed by Pavel Durov and his brother Nikolai, the founder of VKontakte. It is popular in Russia and other CIS countries, China, India, Iran, and טלגראס אתר some other countries. The app was launched in 2013 under the name Telegraph. It uses MTProto encryption technology to protect data, and works on mobile devices and in the desktop version with instant synchronization.

Telegram is so much more than just a simple messaging app – it has a variety of features that make it perfect for both personal and group chats. Some of these include:

  • -Voice messages and broadcasts in groups
  • -Video calls and video messages
  • -File sharing (documents, audio, video, archives)
  • -Secret chats that can be delete after a certain period of times
  • -Channels
  • Telegram was blocked in Russia in 2018 by Roskomnadzor, due to the refusal to provide the encryption keys to FSB.
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Telegram audience

The core audience of Telegram is users aged 25 to 34 (30.6%), with all other age groups being approximately equal. With the exception of teenagers, only 7.7% of them use Telegram. Out of all of the people who use Telegram, more men than women use it (only 39%). When it comes to fields of activity, IT representatives make up the majority of users (77%), followed by those in manufacturing (22.5%) and sales (10.6%). Telegram is used by a highly educated audience: 60% of users have a higher education, a quarter of them continue to study, for example, at graduate school.

The audience of the messenger is solvent. Every 15 Telegram user earns more than ninety thousand rubles a month. Therefore, Telegram is a promising platform for sales and product promotion.

Telegram tools for business


One of the things that sets Telegram apart from its competitors is its channel feature. A Telegram channel is a feed that consists of write messages with emojis or attached media files. Comments and polls are also availables in the channels. Subscribers get push notifications about new posts.

This feature allows users to stay up-to-date with their favourite brands, companies, and public figures, without having to wade through a lot of other content. It’s also a great way for companies and brands to share updates and special offers with their customers and followers.

There are more than 300,000 channels in the Russian-speaking segment of Telegram alone. The most popular channels are news channels. 82% of users read news in Telegram. 43% of users are subscribed to channels connected with their fields of activity, 59% of users consume entertainment content, and the same percentage is the audience of political channels.

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Some people promote their businesses in their channels, while others order advertisements in bigger channels.

Telegram bots are a Telegram chat function that responds automatically to certain user actions and provides the necessary information. Simple bots perform only one function, for example, they can check texts, put spaces, search for music, etc.

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Telegram uses in Business: How to Use Messenger Tools
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